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"I’ve came across many videos about the MPC Live but NONE are as in depth, thorough and complete as Matthew's videos here on his website I would recommend ANYBODY to take time out and study his MPC Live videos to become a master of your musical art. "


What You'll Learn

Update Your MPC

Learn how to update your MPC to the current firmware version.

Program Drum Beats

Learn how to load a drum kit so that you can create your very own drum beat.

Make A Song

Discover how to make multiple parts into a song and export the song so that you can share your music.

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Learn the fundamentals of the MPC from setting up speakers to loading your first drum kit. This quick start guide will get you started fast with the MPC even with no experience.


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Are you ready to crush it with the MPC?  Simply fill out the for to gain access to you free MPC Jump Start Course.