I originally acquired my MPC Live December 25th of 2017 and NOBODY has yet to be more helpful and informative than Matthew. I have been a student of Matthew's MPC Live instructional videos via YouTube from about November of 2018 to present date. During this short time I have experienced a significant improvement in my production, ability to navigate the MPC Live and proper midi/analog set up using the MPC Live. I’ve came across many videos about the MPC Live, but NONE are as in depth, thorough, and complete as Matthew's videos here on his website.

I would recommend ANYBODY to take time out and study his MPC Live videos to become a master of your musical art. Matthew has continued to show growth with his MPC Live videos and this website is more than enough proof to demonstrate that.

Lastly any of his MPC Live videos are transferable to the MPC X with little or no additional information needed.